Saturday, September 17, 2016

Go-To items everyone needs in their closet

The Perfect Jeans
            These jeans will fit you perfectly, be comfortable, and you look great in them.
The jacket that goes with everything
             Right now, it would have to be an army jacket, it will ad edge to an otherwise girly look, and it could just add something to an already amazing look. This jacket will go with patterns, solid colors, and even textures!
Heels or Wedges
             People say it is impossible to find comfortable heels but it really isn't, when you find The Pair of shoes you will know. These shoes should go with virtually anything.
The floral skirt
            It can be any length that suits your style or taste but it can look super sweet with a white shirt. It will look really great with army green, or you could pair it with any color shirt known to man.
Solid color tees
            You will need these so you can wear them with anything, literally anything.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

What Fashion Really Is

Fashion is taking risks, and being confident in what you wear. Fashion isn't following rules and just trying to fit in. Fashion is being yourself and expressing yourself through clothes. It never depends on what everyone else is wearing. Your style is who you are. The best way to be confident in what you wear is to find a celebrity style that fits your style and wear something like they are wearing. If your celebrity doesn't care about what people think of them, neither should you. Here are some quotes to carry with you.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mixing Patterns

Mixing Patterns well is extremely hard. One way is to use the same type of print twice. If it is in the same color pallet it is a lot easier. Or maybe one is a larger or smaller version of the same print. Sometimes the prints only have to be in the same color pallet/ design theme as each other. Fashion is about taking risks, this is a really fun way to take some risks. If you have any questions, just comment!

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